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The Financial Advantages Of A VOIP Phone System
Even though traditional phone companies have been the option of choice for small business telecommunications needs to for years, many businesses are now switching to a VOIP phone system. VOIP technology utilizes the Internet to manage calls and a variety of additional services that the same or similar to those offered by most phone companies. While you may have heard about the benefits of VOIP systems, the best thing to do for your business is carefully consider the pros and cons of making a change to VOIP before simply diving into this major adjustment. What are the advantages that you can see in your business from switching to a VOIP calling plan?
The hardware required to run a small business VOIP phone system is substantially less expensive than that used by most traditional phone providers. The initial purchase of a VOIP system has been noted to be about 55% less than that of a traditional provider, so the up-front savings are substantial. Certain telephone equipment can be large, bulky, and use lots of electricity but VOIP infrastructure tends to be small and energy efficient.
A VOIP phone system can also be successfully maintained for much less than a normal phone system from most local companies. VOIP based servers were seen to be 52% cheaper than the circuit based phone servers that most telephone companies offer. Saving money on phone bills lets you invest your business`s earnings back in on itself and thus promote growth that will take your business from a tiny operation to a successful company.
A popular expression says that time is money, so saving time with a VOIP system may be just as important as saving money. You can obtain access to other services that make communications more efficient around the office such as fax, voicemail, call forwarding, and video calling. The ability for your employees to collaborate together is greatly improved, enabling them to complete assignments in a faster and more team oriented way.
As opposed to making a sudden decision to revamp your business`s phone setup with a VOIP phone system, take your time to carefully consider whether this technology is right for your business. After checking into the facts and getting estimates from a number of local VOIP providers, however, you may find that the savings and benefits far outweigh the inconvenience of switching out your current telephone service.
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